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There’s no substitute for experience. To make sure you get the best advice for your requirements we only assign domain experts that match your project. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and understanding their requirements helping them define their objectives. We aim at providing a sustainable strategy that is commercially viable as well as highly profitable for your digital channel.


A well thought of User Experience improves customer engagement and leads to increased customer loyalty and finally sales. Our responsive design experts truly understand online consumer behavior and how to build for maximum results. During Development we go beyond Front End Aesthetics transforming your ideas into custom built, functional and user friendly web applications.


We take quality very seriously. Our qualified team gets involved from the initial requirement analysis phase and continue to work with the development team until the product goes live. From A/B testing to automated testing to performance testing our qualified team adopts various methodologies to flush out any and all bugs. The validation and verification process make the product not only defect-free but also compliant to internationally accepted standards and guidelines.


With an intention to see your venture flourish and remain on technology’s leading edge we take responsibility for maintaining and upgrading it. Our maintenance plans are designed to free you from day to day operations and enable you to focus on business. Our in-depth understating of your website and its underlying infrastructure ensures we are your best technology partner.


Going Prime time with your project is just the start. A successful website needs visitors and whole lot of them. R2 System Solution Limited and Articulate Technology Concept provide ample options for you to effectively reach your target audience and connect them with your offering. Our digital marketing veterans will help you drive high quality traffic, increased brand exposure and maximum return on investment.


Why spend your valuable time packing up your computer and dragging it in. Chances are good we'll be at your place before you'll be at ours. Our techs are packed and ready to roll…toolkit, parts and years of experience…activated within hours of your call. Your desktop, laptop, printer or your entire network – it can be fixed on-site. Call +234 8185125649 or Chat directly with Us now. Speak directly to a support specialist. We sell different brands of new Laptops ranging from HP, LENOVO, DELL, TOSHIBA, APPLE, ASUS ETC. Kindly call chat with our customer support service for enquiries.


Providing dedicated resources to help you fulfill your business objectives is a game R2 System Solution Limited understands inside-out. We provide you the best resources. Our IT staff augmentation services aim at bringing to your doorstep a fanatical medley of professional services and dedicated resources at rockbottom prices. R2 System Solution Limited is the leader in delivering the finest talent that can fit in your unique business requirements for ensuring a transparent, dependable and silky-smooth working relationship. The underlying fact to any successful enterprise is the flexibility and competence of its human resource. It’s the single, significant capital investment an enterprise can ever make to climb the pinnacles of profitability and productivity, along with reaping the benefits of an extend outreach to customers all over the world. You can leverage on the dexterity of dedicated professionals to get those all-important wings of optimized workability and manageability that can help your business go places. Our dedicated resource services guarantees an unperturbed working, elegant execution and timely completion of your projects.

Here’re the quintessential benefits of R2 System Solution Limited IT staff augmentation services for hiring dedicated resources.

- No Infrastructure Investment Needed.

- Cost Effective.

- Minimum Investment, No Risk.

- Get Maximize Return-on-Investment (ROI).



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...Advancing Technology

R2 System Solution Limited since its inception has been committed to deliver services that surpass excellence and tailored to cater the needs of an ever-evolving digital landscape. R2 System Solution Limited designs, develops and delivers web and mobile applications that drive today’s businesses, ameliorate and enhance business capability, reduce customer acquisition lead times, accelerate top line growth, create better brand and ultimately beat competition. Supported by excogitative research and development, R2 System Solution Limited uses its strengths in technology, software, mobile, hardware as well as customer service to create new revenue-generating opportunities for its customers and at the same time reducing the overheads, while enabling them to quickly deploy and better manage and direct their businesses.

Having had the opportunity to work with global clients R2 System Solution LImited has built a strong foundation of web and mobile development processes with much matured and optimized engagement and delivery models. With our accelerated application development frameworks we have translated complicated, ambivalent and perplexed applications vision and design into simple and easy to deploy, use and scalable applications. The key compelling benefits that our customers enjoy outsourcing to us are vast technical expertise, competitive pricing, much faster time-to-market, state-of-the-art project management practices, superior quality management, optimized processes for uncertainty management and most importantly the distinguished comfort level.

With a broad range of intelligent and reliable technology services, R2 System Solution Limited helps businesses succeed in the following six critical areas:

Exposure - improve online presence.

Efficiency - maximize business productivity.

Essential - manage technology infrastructure.

Expand - augment your team.

Expertise - access our knowledge.

Enable - develop custom solutions.

To provide affordable, professional web and mobile solutions that will help Businesses produce desired results, without the pain and stress that comes with most other processes and allow your business to grow by producing professional websites at a realistic price while ensuring the clients remain 100% happy all the time. Our philosophy is based on five key areas:

Customer Enthusiasm: Completely satisfied customers who recommend us to family and friends.

Passion for Technology: Our desire is to use technology to improve every aspect of business for ourselves and our customers.

Ongoing Improvement: Our goal is to constantly advance in all aspects of our business.

Intelligent Aggressive Approach: We tackle every problem intelligently and adapt rapidly to technology changes.

Employee Satisfaction: We attract the best and they stay with us long term.

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Ridwan Akorede

Director Bus. Div.

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Tobi Olutayo

IT Project Manager

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Olanrewaju Asonja

Network Specialist




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